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Raleigh, United States


In progress


Ebenezer Chapel will be build in a sloped forest terrain next to Richland Creek in Raleigh. The Chapel will be excavated 15 meters below ground to be totally built from the natural granite rock from the site. The only external visible structure of the project is a landmark tower that holds the chapel bells and brings light and ventilation to the interior.

The main design challenge was how to reach the level of the rock layer creating an experience for visitors to quiet their mind before entering the sacred hollowed space. From the main access, a continuous ramp slopes down along the site and around the space of the Chapel ending to the foyer. This space provides access to the chapel and connection to the exterior.

The Chapel will seat 250 people and above of the Altar, a skylight is placed just below the exterior tower to provide fresh air and natural light. One single stone vault embraces the space. The exterior landscaping incorporates different species to have a variety of experiences of color, smell and texture.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maite Boren
Project Team: Dora Kerner, Krisztina Sárdi, Monika Godlewska, Daria Gordon