Location: Barcelona, Spain
Client: Private
Size:  205 m2
Duration: 2018-2021

The project is located on the corner between Encarnació street and a private passage. The plot has a triangular shape defined by the geometry of an old stream.

On the ground floor is the day area. The hall communicates with the staircase that runs through the median wall with the upper floors where there is the night area with the rooms. The rooms are organized around a central hallway on the first floor and the master bedroom occupies the entire second floor.

The exterior facade combines large openings on the ground floor with windows that are organized in a vertical scheme on the upper floors. The opaque part of white mortar incorporates vertical slats of pine wood that abstractly draw water reeds that were originally on the site. This geometry is repeated on the roof pavement where there is a private space for the residence.

The structure and the skin of the building are designed a mixed system of laminated wood and metal structure. The interior of the house is protected from outside with rock wool insulation with a layer of mortar and aluminum carpentry that does not require maintenance.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Candela Juan
Project Team: Dolors Ollero, Felipe Mira, Laura Pompei, Matej Munko