Program: Residential
Client: SVIU Singular
Size: 15000 m2
Location: Botarell, Tarragona
Status: Basic project
Time: 2022

The project is based on the idea of creating a community around a building with heritage interest, creating a link between past and present, while maintaining the identity of Mas de Cal Gerro. Some houses are proposed that are integrated into nature and some common elements that complement the pre-existing ones, creating a unique environment that encourages respect and the creation of a community of trust, without losing privacy.

The homes are practical and accessible, connected to their private gardens, outdoor spaces and common areas, and respect the pre-existing architectural relevance, with a treatment of contemporary architecture that is shown without ostentation and only on the ground floor, subtly integrating ornamental details. in some exterior elements.

It is a residential and community project that is integrated, both in the historical and natural context, combining technology with natural resources, being a contemporary, sustainable and innovative project.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project manager: Vincenzo Fernandes
Work team: Ariadna Figueras, Karol Subotowicz