Program: Infrastructure
Size: 12.000 sq m
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Status: Concept
Time: 2011

The new extension’s geometry for the Pont du Mont-Blanc in Geneva is the result of the analysis of the site, creating a new space for citizens. The existing bridge has evolved from the XIX century until today, adapting to the necessities of the city. Nowadays it is an infrastructure mainly for cars; the function is clearly represented by the geometry.

The new gateway geometry is designed with a consederation of people in mind. It will coexist with the existing bridge in harmony, getting closer one to each other just on the endings and extending in the middle as a step to seat to enjoy the views, far away from the noise of traffic and getting closer to the water. People will experience it in several ways by foot, bicycle or standing to watch the birds, the lake and the impressive Jet d’eau.

This new infrastructure is designed for people and their relationship with the city and the nature. The new extension aims to become a piece of landscape in the middle of the city.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maria Rosaria Favoino
Project Team: Tereza Dedkova, Orsolya Maza, Kinga Krawczyk