Location: Barcelona, Spain
Client: Dr. Alejandro Segarra
Size: 250 m2
Duration: 2019-2020

The existing space to be refurbished is located at a chamfered corner of a Barcelona city block next to Sagrada Familia. Its initial geometry and program needs were very complex.

The project turns around a path where different spaces such as consulting rooms and waiting areas are distributed, from the entrance to the main doctor’s office. These two spaces are also vertically connected by a circular elevator that is located at the double height of the entrance.

The walls and ceilings incorporate curved shapes that adapt to existing angular geometries and solve initial problems with an organic design. The use of white, combined with soft colours and textures of the flooring and warm lights create a warm atmosphere in the interior spaces. Natural light enters into the reception space and the main office overlooks the double height entrance.

A combination of design objects, backlit image panels and art pieces complement the project. The clinics’ design is simple and effective, reflecting the personality of its content: an aesthetic clinic where they aim to enhance beauty, in a natural way and taking care of details.

Architecture: Vilalta Studio
Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Team: Federico Melis

Photography: Mauricio Fuertes
Constractor: J&V Reformas Integrales
Carprentry: Stilricart

TRES, Duravit, Iris Ceramica, SLV, ONE Light, Neolith, Simon, BEAU Floor