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Vilalta Studio operates in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design.

Declaring that “we love nature and we care about people”, our design philosophy is to connect the old and the new, co-opting and updating the best thinking of past traditions to create modern buildings that are both deeply respectful of the past and searingly contemporary.

Our work combines innovative technology with local resources and culture to create contemporary designs suitable for their environment.

A variety of institutions worldwide have recognised our innovation in the architectural field. Among these awards there are the Young Architect of the Year at the LEAF Awards 2008, in 2009 and 2010, the SAIE Selection at Energy Exhibition in Bologna, Italy. In 2013, we received an international cooperation award from the Association of Architects of Catalonia and an Honorable Mention for the Modern Atlanta Prize. In 2017 the Lideta Mercato was honoured by the UNESCO Prix Versailles as the best shopping mall worldwide.

Xavier Vilalta is the founder and director of the studio. He is a distinguished international architect specialised in sustainability. He is a former associate professor at the Barcelona Tech-UPC School of Architecture, where he taught design courses and mentored diploma projects.

He is a regular keynote speaker at events and conferences. Among others he has delivered talks at TED Global, Commercial Real Estate Week and Brunei World Architecture Day.


BIM technology

We use this advanced design technology that allows us to be very efficient and control projects at the maximum level from start to finish. With BIM (Building Information Modeling), we share information with our collaborators, clients and contractors using 3D models that have detailed data of the entire construction process.

BIM Technology

Modular construction

For construction, we design projects using modular systems for their high quality, for the construction in very short times and for their affordable prices. We have built a variety of buildings using different technologies such as prefabricated concrete, laminated wood (CLT) or metal systems.

 Energy Efficiency

In each project we analyze the envelope and its openings to make the design as efficient as possible without mechanical systems. The projects incorporate energy systems that complement passive performance by saving and producing energy.

Energy Efficiency
BIM Technology
Modular Construction
Energy Efficiency


Xavier Vilalta


Paula Fernández de Soto

Business Developer

Meritxell Perxachs

Project Leader

Eliana Pérez

Project Leader

Miquel Peguero

Project Leader

Laura Nistal

Marketing and Communication

Adriana Viñamagua


Roser Casals


Marc Lostaló


Gonçalo Pereira


Marta Laguna


Laura Martín


Pamela Vega


Marta Peñalver


Gerard Domingo



In each project, we create a comprehensive development proposal to ensure a final high caliber delivery representative of the future in relation to design, engineering and project management. This outcome is achievable through the creation of a richly integrated project, which will be delivered by capitalizing on the combined knowledge and experience of a team of hand picked experts appointed to create the proposal and manage the process from start to finish.

 Architecture Design

We provide clients with complete architectural services from conceptual and schematic design to construction and tender documentation. Our collaborative design approach targets innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to answer our client needs and program requirements.

Master Planning

We work with our clients and the community to optimize the potential of the site understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of the project. Our holistic approach includes the city scale, patterns of behaviour, demographics and the hidden systems that can influence the built and unbuilt environment.

Interior Design

We believe architecture should provide a seamless experience from the outside to the inside, becoming essential the quality of light, the choice of materials and the use of color, as a coordinated part of the overall scheme. Each of these elements involves the same process of questioning and refinement as the building itself.

 Site Supervision

We have a large experience managing construction works from start to finish in multiple international environments. Our services include authorship supervision, construction planning and schedule, cost and quality control, operation and maintenance practices and final commissioning activities.

 Product Design

We identify opportunities in the market adding value to our clients’ projects combining creative skills and a logical approach. We have delivered a diverse range of product designs such as furniture and decoration pieces, light fixtures or health care technological wearables.

 Public Speaking

Xavier Vilalta is a regular keynote speaker at international events and conferences and an experienced university professor. His talks and lessons communicate his vision about sustainability and respect for nature, to connect the old and the new and to find innovation in the best thinking of past traditions to create new designs.


“I would like to highlight their attention to detail and the coordination of different specialists including structural, services engineers and energy systems experts. Moreover, their understanding of local construction possibilities and economic framework for Ethiopia was remarkable.”

“I took notice of Xavier’s attention to detail, unique designs, and later on experienced his almost telepathic understanding of what I was searching for.”

“From their services process, I would like to highlight that they have taken the time to understand our needs, see the problems we have and offer practical solutions to our special requirements. “

“Xavier is a very talented architect with a highly developed esthetic sensibility that is firmly based in human values and scale. His commitment to sustainable concepts and making the planet a better place is apparent in his demeanor rom the moment you meet him.”

“We belive that among their strenghts, it is worth to highlight their capacity to find solutions to problems, understanding the clients specific qualities and the environment where the architecture project needs to be designed and built.”

“More important to any of their outstanding technical skills is their ability to work with people: Mr Vilalta has a special talent for reaching out and capturing people’s ideas and needs, building a team’s work spirit.”


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