Program: Hospitality
Size: 1.200 sq m
Location: Tirvia, Spain
Time: 2014

The project is located in an inclined land next to the Cardos river in the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. The strength of nature made us think about respect and integration of architecture. We analysed the region’s vernacular architecture and found a great example on how to link architecture with the landscape, the “round huts”.

The hotel consists of 18 individual living units, distributed over the site. Each volume is carved to find the natural stone layers to be used as retaining walls. All of them are placed to have the feeling of solitude in the middle of nature, with a south orientation for the best sunlight. The units are connected by a system of roads, from the first level of facilities to the upper ones of different room sizes. The construction will use local materials such as pine wood and sheep’s recycled wool to form industrialized panels. The volumes´ large glass facades are protected by a porch that lets in direct sunlight in winter and a controlled one in summer. Each room has an independent heating with biomass chimneys, solar panels to generate electricity and a water tank that collects rainwater to be reused. This project will become an independent ecosystem in the middle of nature; it combines tradition, entertainment, nature and technology.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maite Boren
Project Team: Paulina Wojcikowska, Mia Santic, Sylwia Skalka, Caterina Zappacosta