Program: Residential
Size: 200 sq m
Location: Vilafortuny, Spain
Status: Completed
Time: 2007

PC House is a summerhouse for a family in a 60s Mediterranean town’s neighborhood, located few meters away from the beach. The intervention renews the house by updating the aesthetics concept, reinforcing the interior-exterior relationship and improving its comfort quality. The renewal was done by maintaining the existing structure and the position of the windows and eliminating all the previous accessories, creating a new image for a summerhouse for the family.

Several operations were done to increase the height of the walls to create a new proportion and a new terrace overlooking the sea and to extend the height of the windows to increase lightening and ventilation inside the house. We decided to put two skylights on the entrance and on top of the kitchen to provide natural light to the only spaces without direct communication with the exterior.

The living room opens to the garden through a big sliding window, extending its pavement from inside to outside, a comfortable shaded space to enjoy together with the family.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Nuria Navarro
Project Team: Maria Rosario Favoino, Oksana Luzika
Project Manager: Xavier Calabuig
Photos: David Cabrera