Program: Urbanism
Size: 5.400 m2
Location: El Palau d’Anglesola, Lleida, Spain
Status: Concept
Time: 2021

How can we project the implementation of the new equipment in an existing environment as a single architectural and urbanist development?

How can we characterize this new set with constructive and structural elements that are aesthetically relevant, but above all for the climatic behavior and comfort of the buildings and their surroundings?

A new architectural structure, an “umbracle”, is the common denominator of the proposal that includes the new equipment and the free space that surrounds them. This structure has a triple function: the whole unit, its architectural character and climate control.

The geometry of the “umbracle” starts from the access to the agora connecting the two future volumes of educational equipment. From this point, the shape of the pergola changes to adapt to the different uses of each area of the kit island. Its geometry and that of the other elements of the public space are based on the two alignments of the arrangement, generating diagonal visuals. Day and night accesses are controlled by sliding doors in the north and south. Indoor fences also incorporate seasonal opening systems.

The volumes of the educational equipments are presented with simple and compact forms. The south facade has large openings facing the agora climate controlled by the pergola. This incorporates deciduous vegetation to protect from the sun in summer and to allow the contribution of heat during the winter. The facades of the street, facing north, are more opaque to maintain the interior temperature and privacy.

The general energy efficiency strategy combines passive and active systems. Passive systems are based on the control of sunlight, on the thermal inertia of buildings with great insulation and green roofs. These are complemented with active systems that combine photovoltaic panels to the roofs, aerothermal systems for air conditioning and sanitary hot water and interior ventilation using heat recovery units.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Oscar Farré
Project Team: Federico Melis, Larisa Astancai