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São Miguel Arcanjo, Brasil


In progress


The site of the project is located next to Carlos Bothelo national park in the Brasilian Atlantic Forest. It is an extraordinary natural area within an ecosystem to be preserved. The new architecture is inspired by local indigenous constructions and the geometry of nature. It respects and integrates into the landscape along with contemporary design and comfort. It consists of 15 independent villas and a main building located at strategic locations in relation to the environment according to the views and privacy of each room. The whole project was conceived thinking of creating positive environmental impact: reusing the cut down wood in the new volumes, replanting native trees around them, using most of the materials for construction from the same plot and being self-sufficient in terms of energy production and water reuse. Tourism, nature and architecture will be part of the same ecosystem.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maite Boren
Project Team: Dora Kerner, Krisztina Sárdi, Catarina Zappacosta, Monika Godlewska