Program: Urbanism, Residential
Size: 46.000 sq m
Location: Doha, Qatar
Status: Concept
Time: 2014

The new neighborhood´s master plan establishes a hierarchy of programs in order to provide privacy and quality of space to the community. The apartment blocks are placed on the borders to protect the houses and the common areas. The houses are grouped creating small communities with pedestrian walkways that connect the main streets with the heart of the project, the club house.

The apartment buildings are elevated from the ground to provide space in the street for parking. They have cross ventilation and big terraces overlooking the compound center. The houses have an L shape scheme that links the interior with an intimate and private garden; a combination of selected qualities of the Gulf traditional houses and Mediterranean villas, bringing privacy and shade. The club house has a usable green roof that covers the indoor program and brings back the space taken by its construction to the community. A light pergola shades the outdoor space and integrates the tennis courts’ fences as part of the design.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maria Rosaria Favoino
Project Team: Aliosman Gürbüz, Izabela Tomczak, Ismail Bezci, Lara Machlab, Annie Michaelides